17Dec, 2018

SSD Hosting or HDD Hosting? Which one is best?

Today we are going to see a detailed infographic article on SSD Hosting vs HDD Hosting. Are you searching for a best hosting provider for hosting your website? Before starting a comparison between hosting providers, let me give you a suggestion: You have to consider a web hosting provider that provides SSD hosting for their customers. If you are still using the traditional hosting features for your website, then it’s time to change your hosting provider. Okay, let me show you a detailed comparison between SSD hosting vs HDD hosting.

HDD Hosting:

HDD means Hard Disk Drive. HDD hosting is the traditional hosting service that most of the hosting providers are still providing to the customers. HDD have been around for ages, more precisely since 1956, when being introduced by IBM. The main reason for using the HDD drives in hosting is only because of its cost! Yes, HDD drives are very cheap and easy to implement. This allows hosting providers to buy a large amount of space at a very low price. So, hosting companies can give UNLIMITED space to the customers for their needs. HDD drives have moving parts. Because of this, as compared to the SSD drives, the durability of HDD is very low. In addition to that, the disk defragmentation, booting time, noise, and disk failure rates are also very higher than the SSD drives.

SSD Hosting:

SSD means Solid State Drives. SSD drives are 300% faster than HDD drives. SSD drives don’t have any moving parts like hard disk drives. So, the durability of SSD drives is very high. Another noticeable feature of Solid State Drives are, they don’t need defragmentation. This means, the read-write speed of these drives is much faster than the traditional hard disk drives. If you are on an SSD Hosting, then your website will load faster than you think!

Now, Check out this video for getting more details on SSD vs HDD comparison:

From this infographic, you can take a decision on choosing a best hosting provider for your website!

Conclusion – SSD Hosting vs HDD Hosting:

I’m highly recommending SSD hosting for your website. Because SSD drives are very faster, secure and durable drives. They can give you a hundred times faster-hosting performance for your website than the normal hosting. No one loves a slow website. If you want to make your website faster than your competitors, then SSD Hosting is a right choice.

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